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Barco F80 projector enhances Singapore Nanyang Technological University's boardroom

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Barco F80 projector enhances Singapore Nanyang Technological University's boardroom
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Nanyang Technological University in Singapore is a research-intensive, public university. They have benefited from several Barco installations, including ClickShare and an Event Master processor, but it was their satisfaction with their first F80 projector that inspired them to purchase a second projector for their NTUitive boardroom. NTU has the utmost confidence in Barco and it was no surprise to them that Barco projectors are the only projectors available in Singapore able to meet their requirement of enabling high-quality WQXGA (2560x1600) graphics resolution.

NTU has 33,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in the colleges of Engineering, Business, Science, and Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, and its Graduate College. NTUitive is the university’s innovation and enterprise company, which supports NTU’s mission to develop an ecosystem that encourages innovation, fosters entrepreneurship and facilitates the commercialization of research. Faculty and students are encouraged to explore opportunities, take measured risks and learn from failures—efforts that will lead to the creation of a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders and new business ventures.

Satisfied customers become repeat customers

In March 2018, NTU installed a Barco F80 projector (F80-Q9)in their One-North building. They were so impressed with the installation that they decided to purchase a second F80 projector (F80-Q7)for the boardroom in their NTUitive facility. The second installation has been as successful as the first and is being utilized by students and inventors at NTU.

Projectors full of the latest features

There were special considerations when it came to deciding on which projector was best for the NTUitive boardroom. The boardroom setup needed to be versatile: it’s open to NTU users for bookings but is primarily fitted for NTUitive. And the projector needed to be compatible with an interactive presentation system that demands an ultra-low latency projector. Barco F80 projectors are perfect for this thanks to the powerful Barco Pulse processing that uses Single Step Processing (SSP) to allow for sharper images and less latency.

‘We’ve trusted in the high quality of Barco products for a long time. The first F80 we had installed has performed so well that we didn’t even consider other brands when looking for the best technology available to fit-out our NTUitive boardroom,’ said Eric Wei.

Teachers, students and visitors are enjoying the superior, high-quality images and functionality of the first-class projector. NTU has been consistently pleased with their Barco solutions—and that trend of satisfaction that continues with their new F80. Barco is thrilled with this mutually beneficial relationship as well; we look forward to supplying NTU with further solutions in the future.

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