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Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium

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Port of Zeebrugge, Belgium
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Zeebrugge is a charming Flemish seacoast town that also manages to welcome 145 cruise vessels annually, bringing with them half a million passengers. This ongoing flow of visitors required a NEW cruise terminal to safely manage the influx of passengers as well as provide guidance and information about the region.  The first set of requirements was met via the newly constructed Artes Brugge Cruise tower of which the cruise terminal is part. For the second set of requirements, this was achieved thanks to the collaboration of Barco with fellow Belgian company Ocular. They provided a triptych projection of a promotional film for an immersive visual experience in the visitor center on the 7th floor. This opened in June 2018 and is now open daily.

As a gateway to Flanders, the Port of Zeebrugge has an opportunity to foster a greater appreciation for the region, as well as drive commerce and promote tourism. The visitor center has a crucial role to promote the seaport in a way that creates enthusiasm and excitement. This has been achieved in the projection room showing a film by Belgian director Wim Robberechts. With a 30-year reputation for creating awe-inspiring aerial visuals, his film transports visitors so they feel fully immersed in the seaport.

Impressive 4K projection, sound and moving screens

This engaging visitor experience space is achieved thanks to the film being shown on three screens with a total width of 12 meters. The stunning images and highly saturated colors are shown with the F80-4K7 laser phosphor projectors that operate silently, seamlessly and continuously, while providing 7,000 lumens each on a motorized projection screen. The triptych shows a movie on the daily operations of the Port of Zeebrugge. The triptych screen can be used as one gigantic panoramic screen or 3 separate screens. After the movie, the screens go up, curtains open up, and the real panoramic view is shown to the audience.

Flexible and flawless installation followed by low maintenance has resulted in a project that has been ideal from start to finish. Ease of use was also important, as non-technical people run the center, so the film is able to run thanks to a single button.

Belgium beauty showcased in film

"The Port of Zeebrugge wanted state of the art technology to compliment the launch of this new building. We wanted a room that truly allowed these film scenes from Belgium’s countryside and cityscapes to shine for a lasting impression on our visitors. The F80s brightly and clearly show accurate color and allow the varied beauty of our seascape to shine." ir. Joachim Coens – President – CEO and ir. Denis Maly – Vice President Technical Department from the ‘Maatschappij van de Brugse Zeehaven’ (MBZ) nv who is in charge of the management of The port of Zeebrugge
"In addition to providing the three projectors for the visitor experience center, we also installed two F80-Q7, two PGWU-62B and ClickShare CSE-800 and CSE-200 for the multi-use meeting room. These Barco products allow for great flexibility and compatibility, so whether one needs to embark on a cruise ship, host a large event, or run a formal meeting, our products will effortlessly support these endeavors" Simon Denys – Partner and COO Ocular bvba.


  • Immersive experience with 4K projection, sound and moving screens
  • Flexible triptych screen can be large panoramic or three separate screens
  • F80 laser technology provides high image quality and intensity

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