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Why the sharp cookies at Jules Destrooper choose ClickShare

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Why the sharp cookies at Jules Destrooper choose ClickShare
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Why the sharp cookies at Jules Destrooper choose ClickShare
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As one of Belgium’s most renowned food companies, Jules Destrooper spreads happiness – in the form of delicious cookies – all around the globe. At its offices in Ieper and Oostkamp, numerous meetings take place each day – between colleagues, clients, partners – to ensure a continuous supply of baked goods. After calculating how much precious time had been lost struggling with cables, however, the company decided to go wireless.

Fidgeting and frustration
“I first came across ClickShare when visiting a friend’s company,” says CEO Emmanuel Blomme. “He was extremely excited about it and said it saved him a ton of time. So, I decided to do the math: I took the number of meetings held and multiplied it by the number of minutes we lose fidgeting with cables and settings before we can start a presentation. Add to that a lot of frustration, and you’ll understand why we decided to give ClickShare a try.”

Worth the investment
“While it’s not the cheapest system out there, ClickShare is well worth the investment. We started with one, but have now added units to all four of our meeting rooms. It just works so well: no more cables, no more endless scrolling through menus to get the settings right. No wonder the system is catching on everywhere: any company that is serious about efficiency and saving time should have this, period.”

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